So what's this CQ?

Conquista-dor: (n) one that conquers; specifically: a leader in the Spanish conquest of America, Mexico, and Peru in the 16th century

Dia-spora: (n) the movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established or ancestral homeland; the black diaspora

The ConQuistaspora Collective

Get it? It’s a play on words. And really, the Collective experiences we’ve accumulated throughout the African Diaspora. If we're honest, it's also a plug for the Spanish involvement in the African Diaspora- CQ's founder did live in Spain that one time.

Hell, as far as many of us were taught growing up, Cristobal Columbus loaded our great-great-somebody up on a boat (the Mayflower remember?) and well... there was slavery, the Harlem Renaissance, Malcolm, Martin, Rosa & Co, and here we are born and raised in far-off, God-knows-where blasting Solange & Uncle Hov to heal us from corporate media-inflicted Philando-wounds. Ugh.

So really, what the heck happened in between? Who does the responsibility fall on to educate on real Black history and what all of this really means? And by the way, who's writing the history books of right now? All serious questions.

At CQ, we aim to create a sense of community by unfolding conversations around the adversities and triumphs we've faced as a Collective- but also to highlight the day-to-day wins and losses.

When was the last time you had an honest, fluid conversation about financial gain? No? Well, what about familial struggle, parenting, health, mental health, the economy, hair, office politics, hood politics, mass incarceration, the internet, your lifelong dreams?

What about with someone from across the world?

Well it turns out, we have! We wanted to create a platform where you can have those uber-enlightening conversations too. From moving and shaking across the country (and globe), we learned that we're living through a lot of the same experiences, all over the Diaspora. Perhaps we haven't realized the capacity we have to lean on and support one another;  to share resources, swap stories, and no matter what- or where, feel a sense of belonging, and home. We dream of bridging that gap.

Oh- and since CQ is home for the creative unfold, you'll also find a portfolio of our project collabos, promo for upcoming events & social initiatives, other Black business we love and more!

 Thanks for dropping by fam- we appreciate you! Stay tuned- we got some really big dreams!