Whats up African?

For the final interview in the Entrepreneurship series we interviewed Ron G, Founder of Whats Up African?, an apparel company based in Philadelphia. Ron explains how he got started in the industry and what keeps him going when Entrepreneurship gets rough. The brand is most known for its "Hella Black, Hella Proud" and "Talk Black to Me" apparel series, though there are plenty of other dope releases that as he explains, do some of the protesting of today's societal issues for you. Ron dives into his experiences as a Black person, entrepreneur, the creative flow, and how he best deals with competition in a could-be tricky market. 

Note: this is an audio only interview, click the link below to play. 

Have questions about getting started? Funding your own apparel company? Connect with Ron & his team via www.whatsupafrican.com, and on IG @whatsupafricanclothing, happy building!