oo já maà

(n): a form of socialism based on village cooperatives, practiced in Tanzania.

Y'all celebrate Kwanzaa? No? Short story- Ujamaa is the principle celebrated on the 4th day. In simple terms, at CQ we believe in cooperative economics; energy exchanges/bartering, hood quid-pro-quo (which means you scratch my back, and ya know the rest), but most importantly- we know Black businesses won't thrive unless we make a conscious effort to support them. Here are some of our faves- check them out!

P.S. there is a Black Business to provide your every need, just ask our good friends over at Google.


Bouchees by janee

This company specializes in unique cake bites, or bouchees which we've given as gifts, and are perfect for event favors, etc.. There are pre-set packages available, but orders can be customized too! We highly recommend the spiked birthday cake and red velvet.



This company specializes in hand-crafted, one of a kind "art to wear" jewelry and accessories. The color co-ords and earthy feel is perfect! 



Kenny has a portfolio full of event clips, portraits, and collabos with the Sixers, Yankees, Nike, and Live Nation. Hit him up, he's always on the move!



Mel is a licensed real estate agent currently based in LA. She offers services for properties in LA and NYC and has a background in public accounting and startup consulting.


Common ground mgt

CGM is a Philly-based management firm that offers a host of services (and resources) to small businesses. They helped us flush out our plan and timeline for CQ's launch and file our LLC and business licenses.



Where do we start? Haywire hosts 4-5 day "weekend" trips where young professionals go to let loose and act a complete fool. We've been on a few trips with the group & made plenty friends and ridiculous memories. Grab your squad, pick a trip & try them out- you won't regret going. Plus- they've just added some pretty dope locations to their 2018 lineup!


light in corinth

Mo offers what she calls "wellness coaching" which, in our experience means holistic care, dietary instruction, workout planning, etc. She's our not-yet-official holistic doc, off the record.


sincerely Ashley b

Ashley has a laundry list of experience in makeup artistry and has since transitioned into beauty and image consulting (which, in our opinion translates to a beat face and litu-outfit). She also runs a promotional newsletter featuring some pretty dope Black women. Check our founder's feauture!


career ready writing (CRW tech com)

CRW offers a host of career development services (technical writing, on-site training), and a fresh look at aligning the workplace of today with its workforce- since, ya know, things are changing. They've provided resume critiques and PLENTY counsel on entrepreneurship and creating your own path.



Knight's is a Philly based gym (for now, bc Tommie wont shut up about taking the brand WORLDWIDE-and we believe him). The gym offers an at-home feel, friendly regulars, and for you muscle-heads, yes they have heavy weights. There are affordable group and personal training sessions available, and when you're ready, a good old fashioned ass-kicking.



This Philly-based music group provides custom music services for TV, film, live events, studio recording, etc.  Plus we've heard them play in person and oh. my. Gawd.